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Welcome to
Let it Breathe Tantra

Your home for healing, connection and transformation.

Awaken to your inner sensuality and discover the meaning of true euphoric, harmonious living.Discover life changing practices and philosophies that will guide and inspire you and connect you to the endless pleasure that is available within each of us.

Man meditating yoga at sunset mountains

Meet Breanna

Introducing Breanna

Breanna is the nurturing soul behind "Let It Breathe," a sanctuary where she wholeheartedly supports individuals on their profound journey to sensual and emotional empowerment.

Her heart overflows with a deep passion for love, open-hearted living, and the transformative power of connection. Breanna radiates warmth and provides a judgment-free haven for her clients to explore their deepest desires and emotions.

Breanna's commitment to personal growth is unwavering, and she extends that dedication to each person she guides. Her remarkable gift lies in her ability to understand people on a profound level, creating a space where they can truly be themselves.

She possesses a unique talent for igniting masculinity in men and empowering women to embrace their innate feminine essence. Breanna's sensuality flows effortlessly, allowing her to connect with the body's life force energies and desires.

With a spiritual seeker's heart and an open mind, Breanna draws from her background in theology, yoga, and tantra to guide her clients on their transformative journey. Her mission is clear: to help individuals break free from suffering, live authentically, and discover their true selves.

Breanna invites you to "Let It Breathe" and embark on a heartfelt journey of sensual and emotional empowerment. It's time to reconnect with the profound love and limitless possibilities within you.

Breanna from Let It Breathe
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