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Feminine Reclamation ~
Yoni Steam Event

I’m teaming up with the incredible the_laurenelizabeth_official to create The Feminine Reclamation Experience, by connecting with the center of your femininity … the yoni.

Reclaim your genetic goddess codes that every woman possess and learn how to lean into their magic. Delve into your feminine connection within you, with yoni steam education and ceremony, whilst taking a deeper dive into your understanding of the power of your feminine energy.


- Yoni Steam Education Talk 

- Guided Yoni Steam Ceremony (all products included)

- Feminine Energy Connection Talk

- Guided Meditation

- Take away home play

Promising to be a soul nourishing, safe space for us lovely ladies to relax, soften and open. 

LOCATION: Stirling WA 

BYO: water bottle


Wear comfy, full skirt or dress, suitable for sitting on the floor! We cant wait to see you there X

Three Women


Dont miss out on this opportunity to tune into your Feminine Magic!!

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