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Tantric Sessions

Join me for your customized, holistic therapeutic sessions. All treatments are completely within your boundaries. Treatments include the learning of tantric philosophies and practices, guided mediations, breathwork and hands on body work, connection exercises and safe space holding. 

My 4 step formula for all tantric sessions ensures the beginning of the sensually ecstatic life you crave. Included with each session is specially tailored take home programs to suit your needs and continue cultivation in your daily life.

PLEASE NOTE: Strictly no sex work, holistic therapies and massage only

two people practicing yoga holding hands

First Consult

First time at Let it Breathe Tantra? Book in for your First Consultation to explore your physical, emotional, sensual, and spiritual desires. During this session we will begin to build the safe connection necessary for your tantric experiences. We will look at some of the blocks you may be facing and provide you with the best options available to guide you to the most fitting, tantric healing path possible.

a massage therapist

An Mo Massage

The "soul massage". Steeped in tradition and mysticism, An Mo is the massage of royalty.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀With Smooth strokes, skin stimuli and energy shifting techniques; An Mo leaves your body and mind in a state of rejuvenation and elevation.

This massage is designed to cultivate your sensual energy (Jing) and spread it throughout the whole body for healing on a deep cellular level, causing rejuvenation, relaxation and of course my favourite, euphoria.
And there's more; during this session we begin the work of opening up the heart (our second brain). This ignites your true desire energy and calls forward your spirit into a state of awareness.

shirtless strong man on a black background

Men’s Tantric Session

Start your tantric journey today to:


Unleash your healthy masculine energy.

Create a deeply satisfying sensual life.

Cultivate your sexual creativity and life force energy.

Clear blockages through shadow work and de-armoring 

Heal sexual unease such as; erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sterility.

Bring harmony and deeper connection into your relationships.

Manifest the relationships your desire.

Manifest all your desires into reality.

Learn tips and tricks to the ultimate sensual pleasure.

Nourish the soul through divine human connection.

a woman with crossed hands

Women’s Tantric Session

Book your Women’s Tantric Session to:


Release sexual inhibitions and become a sexually empowered goddess.

Clear blockages through shadow work and de-armoring.

 Heal the past from trauma.

Cultivate your most euphoric and orgasmic life.

Activate the power of your feminine energy.

Manifest your best self and create deeper intimacy in your relationships.

Learn tips and tricks to the ultimate sensual pleasure.

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